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Features Adds teleportation devices
Included in Style


Waypoint Recipe


The Waypoint serves as the destination when teleporting. It is created using 1 diamond, 4 obsidian, and 4 gold nuggets. When placed, the Waypoint will present the user with a prompt to provide it a name. This name is how it will appear on the selection menu of the Teleporter.

In order to teleport to the Waypoint, there must be sufficient space nearby. Each of the 8 spaces surrounding the Waypoint, at the same level as the ground the Waypoint sits on (if any), as well as the top side of the block directly above the Waypoint are checked for space. In order to be considered a valid location, the block to land on must be solid on top, and the two blocks above it must be air. Therefore, setting the Waypoint on top of flat ground will allow the player to land next to it, and placing a solid block directly above the Waypoint will allow the player to land on top of that block. The latter is only possible if the other options are exhausted, however, as the space above the Waypoint is checked only as a last resort.

Destroying a waypoint requires the same effort as an obsidian block, and prevents players from teleporting to that location. If a Waypoint is destroyed and a player attempts to teleport to it, they will receive a message that it no longer exists, and the entry will be removed from their Teleporter. However, if a Waypoint is placed in the exact same location before the player attempts to teleport there, they will be taken to the new Waypoint. Right-clicking a Teleporter on a Waypoint which has been removed and replaced will update the name of the Waypoint in the Teleporter's selection list, if it has changed.


Teleporter Recipe


The Teleporter allows players to travel to Waypoints. It is crafted using 1 ender pearl, 2 redstone, 2 diamonds, and 4 obsidian. When used to right-click a Waypoint, that Waypoint's name and location will be registered to the Teleporter. When used any other time, the Teleporter will show a list of all the Waypoints it knows about, allowing the player to select one and be transported to its location. See the above description of the Waypoint for the specific requirements of being transported to one.


The travelinstyle section of the config file only contains one property.


Determines whether the mod segment is loaded.

  • B:enabled=true
    The Teleporter and Waypoint will be included in the game, their recipes will be available for crafting, and they will appear on a tab in the creative inventory.
  • B:enabled=false
    The Teleporter and Waypoint will not be included in the game. It will be impossible to obtain them, and if any world is loaded which contains them already, they will be removed from that world.