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The Style mod for Minecraft adds multiple, completely independent modules to the game, called Mod Segments, which can each be disabled or configured as desired. Essentially, TheGoldVane decided to release multiple mods in a single package. The reason for this is to prevent players who want all of the mods from having to download many different files. In addition, the common code that is shared between the mods, if they were packaged separately, would either have to be a "Base" or "Core" mod, as many developers have, which would be a requirement for all the other mods, or it would have to be duplicated in each individual mod for download. Either way, it becomes a lot more to manage, and leads to all sorts of potential issues with configuration, version mismatches, etc.


These are the mod segments that are currently included in the latest Style download.


Can I include Style in my Mod Pack?
Absolutely! Anyone is welcome to include Style in their modpacks. We encourage you to share our mod with everyone! All we ask in return is that you credit TheGoldVane and link back to either this wiki, or our Minecraft Forum post.
Will you update the mod for old versions of Minecraft?
We do not plan on releasing updates for older versions of Minecraft than we are currently developing for. In other words, if the latest version of Style is for Minecraft 1.8.9, we do not expect to have any more 1.7.10 releases. Maintaining multiple versions of the mod and applying the same updates to each is a lot of extra work, especially as more and more versions come out.
When will you release for new versions of Minecraft?
Generally we look at some of the most popular mods / some of our favorites and see what version they're on. If most of them have moved on to a later version, that's usually when we'll move on as well. As for when it will be done, there are too many variables to predict that. Some versions are easy to upgrade between and some require huge sections to be completely rewritten, and there's no way to know until we start.
Style is a Forge mod. After you've installed Forge, put the Style .jar file in the /mods/ folder of your Minecraft installation. Downloads More info
This software is provided as-is with no warranty, express or implied. TheGoldVane is not responsible for damage to your game, your world, your computer, or your sleep patterns. Backup your worlds before installing or updating Style.


Version Minecraft Version Release Date Summary
Style beta 1.8.9 14 September 2016 Launched TravelInStyle.
Style beta 1.8.9 11 September 2016 First build for 1.8.9
Style beta 1.8 13 February 2016 Bug fixes: dog houses were invisible in the inventory/hand, leads on dogs were invisible, and poodles couldn't be sheared.
Style beta 1.8 8 February 2016
  • First release for Minecraft 1.8, and first release of the "Style" all-encompassing model.
  • Dog houses will now use textures from texture packs if available.
  • Activating (right-clicking) a dog house with a dog whistle while the dog is outside will call the dog to the house.
  • Dogs can be let out of their houses before they have finished healing
DoggyStyle 1.7.10 20 November 2015 Fixed server-crashing bug with puppies.
DoggyStyle 1.7.10 12 November 2015 Added herding skill and staffs.
DoggyStyle 1.7.10 15 October 2015 Added 10 new dog breeds, including the constantly-requested pugs. Possibly fixed an issue with update notices when using latest version.
DoggyStyle 1.7.10 6 September 2015 Fire hydrants no longer crash servers.
DoggyStyle 1.7.10 28 July 2015 New craftable fire hydrants to attract dogs. It's another way to customize how and where dogs appear in your world.
DoggyStyle 1.7.10 14 July 2015 We've added six new breeds: Boxer, Dachshund, English Mastiff, Weimaraner, Bull Terrier, Toy Poodle.
DoggyStyle 1.7.10 10 May 2015 Mother's Day! Made puppies follow their mothers around, including into their dog houses.
DoggyStyle 1.7.10 10 May 2015 Fixed issues with health of dogs when spawning or exiting their houses.
DoggyStyle 1.7.10 6 May 2015 Added poodles, which can be dyed and sheared. Made newborn puppies nameable upon first interaction.
DoggyStyle 1.7.10 2 May 2015 Fixed dog house icons, bounding boxes, shadows, leashes. Added colored leashes. Added update notices. New coats, updated models.
DoggyStyle 1.7.10 21 April 2015 Fixed combat! Also added config files and updated the UI a little.
DoggyStyle 1.7.10 10 April 2015 Fixed crashes occuring on world gen.
DoggyStyle 1.7.10 9 April 2015 Fixed an issue where dogs would almost never engage in combat. (Edit: Issue not fully resolved until